"We were aware of the challenges faced by homeless and people with multiple social vulnerabilities when trying to find a home and wanted to know how other cities faces similar challenges."

"Of no less importance was our work in the ULG, with most of the local professionals learning for the first time about Housing First and starting to think about approaches outside the staircase model".   


Small Scale Action

Increase knowledge on Housing First and testing HF approach in Timișoara

Special Training sessions for a specific group of employees. A website about HF with available materials, tools, links.

Timișoara has no previous experience in Housing First and most of the local stakeholders have no knowledge about the method and its benefits. The city joined ROOF to have the opportunity to exchange with other European cities and bring the experience to the local context. Through the SSA there will be training offered to a specific group of employees that may become ambassadors of the method and spread it in their organizations. The work will be completed with a dedicated website collecting information, materials, tools and links translated into the local language and making it more accessible.

"As a city we want to significantly reduce the number of homeless through a Housing First approach. To do this we need to increase the social housing stock and the homeless access to social housing, to find innovative solution in the private sector and through NGOs interventions for affordable housing and to start to subsidize low income citizens for housing access.  We also want to improve our data on homelessness and to start collecting qualitative data and in the same time to start annual street counting. We also want to gain community support for Housing Frist approach and intend to continue advocating for these approach at local model. In the same time we saw from other cities experience how crucial is to have national support for Housing First, so we intend to advocate at the national level for the HF to be considered as the best approach for reducing homelessness".

Focus on Timisoara (RO) - How knowledge can contribute to fighting homelessness

Timisoara decided to join the ROOF network because, like in many other European cities, homelessness is more and more present and we wanted to learn new ways towards ending it. Housing First approach to end homelessness is seen as the most effective especially when working with people with complex social needs. During the transnational meetings we could see good examples of how this approach is used in more than half of the cities from the ROOF network to successfully improve the life of people and take them out of homelessness. Still Romania and Timisoara were not familiar with the Housing First approach and most of the URBACT Local Group members never heard of it. So, we decided that in order to draw an accurate and achievable Integrated Action Plan we need to use the Small-Scale Actions to gain more knowledge on Housing First approach...

Selected Works