"It was important to us to learn from other cities experiences and share ours. It was also important to share the knowledge from other european cities with our local stakeholders to enhance the shift. If others managed to do it ther is no reason for us not to achieve this change".

"It has been very interesting to discuss with our colleagues (with so different experiences and contexts) from other cities about homelessness and the way to put a policy to eradicate the problem. The sharing of tools from URBACT, helped also to clarify the approach [...] The support from the lead expert was very useful to stay focussed. It will definetely help us locally to strenghen our local policy concerning homelessness and at the same time, with the advocacy part of the project, I finally think that sometimes we can have an influence on the policies developed at a higher level (national, european)".


Small Scale Action

Communication campaign towards the  private rental sector

Homogenization of the message to promote all the different existing  tools used by the different stakeholders.

Toulouse M├ętropole needs affordable  housing solutions on the private market.  There are many tools available for the private  rental sector but there is a lack of one single  communication channel that makes them  all comprehensible and accessible. The  different tools include: fiscal deductions,  rental intermediation, rental management  mandate, social rental agency, sliding rental  contract and more. The SSA will create a  unique campaign to attract private renters  

and guide them to the single communication  channel with the overview of solutions.  This will test if better communication tools  actually increase the affordable private  housing offers and if it is possible to work  on the whole metropole area with the same  tools. The same informative tools may also  have a communication and advocacy effect  on the general public. This will also be  verified by the SSA.  

"In september/october 2022 we will present at the Metropole Council a summary of what has been done through the network during the 2 years and the IAP to have it approved as a guideline for what needs to be implemented or continue to be implemented in the coming years. It will be useful to answer to different calls for project to mobilise new funding for parts of the plan".

Focus on Toulouse M├ętropole (FR): Who are the homeless in our city? How many are they?

Friday night, 21st January 2022. The coldest night of the week. Well equipped with several warm layers of clothes, socks, gloves, scarf and cap, I am ready to meet my new team and to discover my new urban itinerary for the homeless street count...

Selected Works