Day 2 | 4 March 2021

Class III Building an Alliance I Class IV Scaling-up Housing First I ROOF ULG members sharing challenges 

In the morning of day two the Danish Home to all Alliance bring their successful experience on Building an alliance to end youth homelessness, on how together you achieve so much more. They are followed by the Scottish Homelessness Network teaching us about Scaling-up Housing First in Scotland. A great opportunity to start developing fundamental skills to shift the mindset towards Housing First.

In the afternoon ROOF ULG members exchange on the challenges they encounter on homelessness, housing, COVID 19.


Class III Building an alliance to end youth homelessness

Anne Bergvith Sørensen

Chief consultant at Home for All Alliance, Denmark


To end homelessness we need multiple stakeholders to work together across sectors. But working together and setting individual interests aside is never an easy task. Home for All is a national alliance of 20 partners from different sectors working together on a national level to end youth homelessness in Denmark. Since 2016 Home for All has successfully brought important stakeholders together around a common agenda. In this third Winter School class Chief consultant Anne Bergvith Sørensen  shares experiences and methodologies from Home for All to address the questions: How can we build an alliance of stakeholders around a common agenda? And how can an alliance contribute to systems change in policy and practice?

Anne Bergvith Sørensen is Chief Consultant in the backbone office of the Home for All Alliance. She is responsible for the collaboration between the 20 partners in the alliance


Class IV Scaling-up Housing First in Scotland

Claire Frew

Policy & Impact Manager at Homelessness Network Scotland


In the fourth Winter School class, policy manager Claire Frew from the Homelessness Network Scotland considers the experience of scaling-up Housing First in Scotland so far and reflects on some of the lessons learned. We then look forward to the next 10 years and what it will take to deliver Housing First at a scale that creates systems change and meets our best estimates of demand.

Claire is the Policy & Impact Manager at Homeless Network Scotland and has worked for the organisation since 2004.  She has completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Housing Studies at the University of Stirling, her Masters in Public Policy at the University of Glasgow and was recently awarded an Honorary Research Fellowship by I-SPHERE at Heriot-Watt University.  A large part of her work is supporting the transition to Rapid Rehousing and Housing First across Scotland, publishing monthly and annual reports on progress.