"We always find it beneficial to remove ourselves from the day to day and try more creative thinking that transnational working can bring".

"Our agility to move online during the pandemic, the opportunity to work with new cities that we have not worked with before, to hear lived experience testimonies and also within Glasgow, to link more with our Centre for Civic Innovation and collaborate with them. Their skills and expertise have brought a new dimension to our focus on homelessness. The Small Scale Action also gave us creative insights into homelessness in our neighbourhoods and to capacity build with local stakeholders, building trust and more collaborative opportunities".


Small Scale Action

Closer to home - a place-based approach to ending homelessness

An established neighbourhood wide training initiative to increase the capacity of multiple stakeholders, practitioners and community members to identify what drives homelessness and act on early prevention strategies.

Braga recognizes in lack of employment one of the most influencing factors of not being able to leave the shelter and find new autonomy. Today, no project or service works with homeless people to provide training for the work field, however there is a successful project for people with disabilities. While the target group has different needs, there is a general agreement that a similar program could work for some people living in the shelter today. The SSA will therefore build on the experience of the “skills academy”. They will begin a program called “house of skills” (without a house in the beginning) to test the method before going into big investments. A website will be put in place to communicate the activities and a dedicated project manager will be assigned to the project. The idea is to test whether people will be able to find a job and if companies will be willing to join and offer the opportunity for training and internship. It will be interesting to observe how this changes the reality of the homeless person in the short and long term, as well as the change in mindset of job providers.

We are hoping to take a more holistic approach to prevention, building it in to our ambitions to create a community wealth building strategy for the city, engage and activate citizen participation and create more welcoming spaces and places.

Focus on Glasgow (UK): Report of a peer visit

After two years of online video calls and back and forth emailing in the wake of the pandemic, Glasgow welcomed representatives from across the nine ROOF cities for a peer learning visit. On the 14th and 15th March, Glasgow set out to share with our visitors how the city is working to end homelessness across the city now, the practices we have in place to prevent homelessness as well as sharing our plan to eradicate homelessness from society... 

Selected Works