"Of course, Odense would like to take part in a project together with other committed cities, to ensure the implementation of Housing First in the work of abolishing homelessness. [...] The situation in Odense at that time was that we had worked from the Housing First thinking for over 10 years [...] But we also had challenges in maintaining focus on the fact that the work was based on a holistic thinking "Housing First" [...]  Therefore, the invitation came at the perfect time, so we could focus on making the work even better and create a higher degree of sustainability in our overall efforts in the municipality".

"In relation to Odense, there are some areas where we are so privileged that some things are implemented both nationally and locally, e.g. national homelessness counts through 12 years. And Housing First through 10 years. But therefore, it is still rewarding to participate in discussions about initiatives that have already been implemented. This makes you even more dedicated to maintaining the initiatives that are already in operation and which are called for in other cities / countries".


Small Scale Action

Large stakeholder meeting to evaluate and create a sense of ownership

A meeting with key people from all areas, to reflect on the work done and optimize the future work in Odense

Housing First was implemented and has been working for quite some time now in Odense. However, a lot has been done during the last year with the COVID pandemic and it is important to share and internally evaluate the efforts and recognize things that they have not done yet. Furthermore, even though HF is well implemented, there are still some stakeholders who are not experts in the field. The SSA will aim at evaluating the past work and at creating a larger group of expertsstakeholders that will have an ownership of the project making sure the quality is maintained over time. Practically, the SSA will consist of a large meeting and the activation of new communication channels.

"We want to ensure that there are available key resource persons in the municipality, who also have an obligation to ensure the handling of new challenges that will constantly arise in relation to the work with Housing First. We want to ensure that it becomes easier to access information and knowledge about Housing First for everyone in the municipality, both municipal employees, NGOs and citizens in the municipality. We will work to develop the collaboration with the private housing market".

Selected Works